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What can the hub do?

Reha & Health

Thanks to the hub, there's the right training for every diagnosis.
Have you ever wanted to put together the right Sensopro training program for a person with a specific diagnosis? But you only had the predefined trainings without being able to customize them? Those days are over!


This is now possible! With the Hub.
Have you ever thought that it would be super practical if you could make it easier for people to get started with Sensopro training? Or maybe even support them with the right training for the "Leg Day" program?


The time has finally come! The hub makes it possible.
Have you ever been looking for a very specific Sensopro workout for a competitive athlete? And wanted to pick out the most suitable exercises to achieve the greatest possible output?

Our subscriptions

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20.- discount


Up to 5 Accounts
  • More than 300 exercises for personalised training
  • Choose your favourite exercises
  • Observe the training progress of your members

89.- (excl. VAT)

Instead of CHF 89.–
Excl. installation fee of CHF 290 and excl. hardware Will be charged after a successful test phase.


Up to 15 Accounts
  • In addition to Starter:
  • Easily create training templates and save time

109.00 (excl. VAT)

Instead of CHF 109.–
Excl. installation fee of CHF 290 and excl. hardware Will be charged after a successful test phase.


Unlimited number of accounts.
  • In addition to Pro: Personal training with Sensopro experts

149.- (excl. VAT)

Instead of CHF 149.–
Excl. installation fee of CHF 290 and excl. hardware Will be charged after a successful test phase.

Your equipment

What you need to get the Hub

Sensopro Luna

You probably already own a Luna? If not, it's high time you do


Your Luna must be connected to the internet via WIFI or Lan.

Videokit Revolution

Your Luna has either the Physio, Fitness or Super Revolution.

RFID-Card and -Reader

You need Mifare Classic 1k cards. Common partners such as Milon and eGym cards also work with our Luna.


What our physios say

The Hub enables our patients to independently carry out an individual programme that is specially adapted to their needs. This is fun!
Physio 5
Thanks to the Hub, I can organise my rehabilitation more effectively. The variety of exercises and the ability to customise them have helped me to achieve my goals more quickly!
Physio van den Nobelen
"The hub is an enrichment for our physios. They can simply put together a few workouts from the extensive database for the patients. This allows patients to carry out their exercises in a targeted and independent manner - either before or after therapy."
Erik Bezemer


All you need to know.

Sensopro Hub is the training platform for your Luna. Create personalized training sessions, assign training sessions, view training history and feedback: Sensopro Hub saves you time and allows you to enhance your patients' experience on the Luna. Another great feature: your patients can log in to Luna with a card and see their exercises directly.

On Sensopro Hub, you can create personalized training sessions for your patients, assign training sessions and view your patient's training history. You will also find a training library with all the trainings you have on your Luna.

You can test Sensopro Hub for X months free of charge. If you like Sensopro Hub, you have two options. You can either buy a Basic package for CHF XY or a Premium package for CHF XY. (Prices TBD)

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